Geo Entertainment - Pakistan's Oldest And Most Consistent Entertainment Channel

Geo Entertainment is a Pakistani entertainment channel owned by Geo TV Network. It was launched in 2002 as a general entertainment channel. Its programming includes dramas, talk shows, comedy shows and variety programs. GEO is one of the oldest Pakistani networks, and ever since the company's founding, it has consistently gotten excellent TRPs on a variety of daily tv dramas, reality programs, and drama serials. When Geo was in its early years, it used to air a variety of different daily tv programs, and those soaps eventually gained a lot of popularity.

Geo Entertainment is available on cable, satellite and IPTV platforms in Pakistan alongside its sister channels such as Geo Kahani, Geo Super and Geo Tez.

Geo TV has been praised for its high-quality programming, which includes dramas with strong female protagonists and tales that advocate social change. Additionally, the channel creates material for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube Red, among others. It has received over thirty awards for its plays and remains one of Pakistan's most popular channels, both locally and internationally (especially in the United Kingdom).

GEO is one of the Pakistani networks that has been around the longest, and ever since the network first began, its daily tv programs, reality programs, and drama serials have consistently had high TRPs. When Geo initially began broadcasting, it included a great deal of daily soap operas, which went on to become quite popular. Tere Pehlu Main, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti, Tum Ho Kay Chup, and Doraha are just few of the series that aired on Geo TV in the 2000s and are still popular today. The network's morning program, which was called Utho Jago Pakistan, was prohibited in 2014 because it encouraged blasphemy, despite the fact that the viewership for the channel continued to rise. The station was finally allowed to return, but not before its ratings dropped significantly and its programming was criticized. As a result, it took some time for the channel to climb back up the rankings with favorable ratings. In 2017, GEO began broadcasting episodes of Khaani. The program was a big success for the network and was shown in a variety of countries throughout the globe. Later on, as a result of its enormous success, it was added to Netflix.

With a total rating point (TRP) of 22.75 at 7:00 p.m. in the year 2020, Munafiq broke the record for the program with the highest viewership. It is also now at the top spot on the trending list in India on YouTube and holds the record for the second most rated television show in the whole history of Pakistani television. In recent years, Geo Entertainment has come under fire for a number of reasons, including its poor picture quality on TV in comparison to HUM HD and ARY Digital, which have better picture quality, and for producing dramas that are very Indianized by copying daily soaps from Indian networks and turning them into monthly drama serials or daily soaps as well in order to attract more viewers. These criticisms have been leveled against Geo Entertainment in recent years. In recent years, a number of Pakistani television programs, including Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, Piya Naam Ka Diya, Ramz-e-Ishq, Yaariyan, Meharposh, Aye Dil Tu Bata, Deewangi, Kahin Deep Jalay, and Rang Mahal, amongst others, have gained widespread acclaim not only in Pakistan but also throughout the rest of the world. There are additional programs from the network that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video, such as Hiddat and Yaar-e-Bewafa.

Throughout its history as an entertainment provider, one of the channels that has been successful in maintaining its audience's interest by consistently airing compelling programming is Geo Entertainment.

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