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Analytics on audiences and viewing habits Instar Analytics is the world’s leading TV analysis software, used in more than 29 countries by 8,000+ users.

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Evaluation based on the viewed programs Attention and rating given to all programs broadcast by a given channel so indicated.

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Evaluation based on Time. Average consumption time of the viewing audience that was actually watching TV at the time in question.

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MediaVoir provides a streamlined interface that lets you find out what's popular on TV in Pakistan. We created MediaVoir to make sure the data you get is accurate, understandable, and reliable.

MediaVoir Snaps Live Data on Pakistan TV Ratings

MediaVoir constantly collects and analyzes all types of data, including information about what people watch, where they watch it, when they watch it, and who they watch it with. We post live TV ratings Pakistan so you can enjoy what’s trending on TV.

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MediaVoir Keeps You Informed

Mediavoir is a website that provides a free access to viewership data for Pakistani television. With the help of our website, you’ll be able to check out current, past, and upcoming episodes of your favorite TV content, as well as view what other people are watching in real time.

We provide viewership data of television content in Pakistan. It is a comprehensive database of television content. The database is updated daily with information related to viewership figures for all channels in Pakistan.

The algorithm uses demographic information about the target audience as well as historical data collected from previous shows in order to make its predictions. It also uses statistical models based on past trends as well as audience feedback.

We’re a team of passionate individuals who are committed to providing you with high-quality data. We strive to make your life easier by helping you make better decisions based on our research.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information and TV ratings of every channel and show airing on Pakistani television. You can check ratings of most watched television channels in Pakistan as well as the TRPs so you can enjoy your family time or lonely time watching the best content on TV.