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Do You Know the leading Pakistani News Channels?

Pakistani news channels have been gaining popularity over the years. With the increase in viewership, there is a constant struggle to get more viewers and keep them. To this end, most of the news channels have developed their own strategies to stay on list of top 10 news channels in pakistan 2022 and be at par with their competition. Some of these strategies include better content, better quality of broadcast etc.

Not all news channels are created equal when it comes to ratings and viewership numbers. There are some that perform better than others in terms of viewership numbers as well as advertising revenue generated by them through different platforms such as cable television networks

We can help you find the channels that would be best suited for your needs. Mediavoir processes live data from our sources and calculating metrics like engagement rate, growth rate, and other key indicators. That gives us a better understanding about the performance of each channel. Our mission is to help you discover the trends with our list of top 3 news channels in Pakistan. Now you can stay updated with everything happening around you.

Top News Channels in Pakistan


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Our goal is to provide you with a complete list of top 5 news channels in pakistan and their rankings. Pakistan TV Ratings update the TV channel ratings list every month so that you can keep up with the latest developments in the world of Pakistani television.