ARY Digital is the Destination For Cutting-Edge Entertainment

The ARY Group is the parent company of ARY Digital Network, which is a wholly owned subsidiary. The channel broadcasts family dramas, reality shows and other programs.

The ARY group of enterprises is a holding company that was established in Dubai by a Pakistani entrepreneur by the name of Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY). ARY Digital, which was originally known as the Pakistani Channel, was established in the United Kingdom in December 2000 in order to meet the increasing demand for entertainment with a South Asian focus in the country. Within a very short period of time of only three years, the distinctive offering of the channel as well as the content of the channel led to tremendous popularity, which enabled increased growth and broadcasting into other countries. As the uplink teleport station, it employs Samacom, which is a monopolizing uplink provider located in the UAE.

ARY Digital has been available since 2005 when it started as DD National and then was rebranded as Ary News Entertainment (Ary News is now a news channel). Finally on August 1st 2010 it received its current name ARY Digital. This change also led to a change in programming quality with more focus put on family drama serials instead of news coverage which were previously aired daily from morning till evening without any breaks like other channels do today.

In addition, it broadcasts educational programs aimed for children and teens, as well as conversation shows that examine social problems impacting women in Pakistan, such as violence against women in the home and marriage at a young age. Initially, the station was organized in a manner similar to that of PTV Prime and other South Asian broadcasters. There were moments during the day when soap operas were shown, and at the top of every hour there were news headlines. Even though the primary emphasis of the network was on political chat programs and dramas with a lot of emotional intensity, the network's news coverage was quickly lauded.

A variety of entertainment, including drama serials and variety shows, are available to stream on ARY Digital. Its most popular series are Mera Saeen, Dareechay, Shehr-e-Dil k Darwaze, Main Manto, Saraab Daagh, and Mere Paas Tum Ho, which is now one of the highest-rated shows on Pakistani television. Other famous shows on this channel include Main Manto, Saraab Daagh, and Saraab Daagh.

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