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Hum Sitaray - Pakistan's First HD News Channel

HUM Sitaray is a leading Pakistani television channel that has been entertaining audiences for years with its diverse and dynamic programming. Known for its high-quality dramas, talk shows, and live events, the channel has become a household name in the country. The channel's dramas are known for their strong storylines, relatable characters, and talented actors. Whether it's a family drama or a love story, HUM Sitaray's dramas keep viewers hooked and coming back for more.

In addition to its dramas, the channel also offers a variety of talk shows that cover a wide range of topics such as current events, health and wellness, and celebrity interviews. These shows provide a platform for experts to share their knowledge and opinions, and for viewers to engage in meaningful discussions.

HUM Sitaray also regularly broadcasts live events such as award shows, music concerts, and sports events. These events keep viewers informed about the latest happenings in the entertainment and sports world, and provide them with an opportunity to see their favorite celebrities and athletes up close.

Overall, HUM Sitaray is a channel that offers something for everyone. With its high-quality programming and engaging content, it continues to be a leading channel in Pakistan and a favorite among viewers.

Identify the Most Popular News Shows in Pakistan

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